Ted 2 Samantha Jackson
Samantha Leslie Jackson
Background information
First appearance:
Latest appearance:
Portrayer: Amanda Seyfried
Character information
Full name: Samantha Leslie Jackson
Other names:
Appearance: Sunny Blonde hair, blue eyes
Birthday: 1989
Age: 26
Occupation: Lawyer
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Family and relatives:
Friends: John Bennett, Ted, Lori Collins, Tami-Lynn McCafferty, Sam J. Jones, Steve Bennett, Helen Bennett
Enemies: Donny, Robert
Likes: Her job
Dislikes: John getting hurt
Quotes: "You must be Ted!"

Samantha Leslie Jackson (born 1989) is the secondary tritagonist of Ted 2



Not much is known about Samantha's early life.

In Ted 2Edit

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  • Samantha is sometimes thought to be the tritagonist of the second film.
  • Samantha's middle name Leslie was once mocked by Ted, claiming it was similar to Samuel L. Jackson.
  • It is currently unknown who her parents are.


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