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Tami-Lynn McCafferty
Background information
First appearance: Ted
Latest appearance: Ted 2
Portrayer: Jessica Barth
Character information
Full name: Tami-Lynn McCafferty
Other names: Tami, Tammy-Lynn, Tammy, Tammy-Lynn McCafferty, Tami McCafferty, Tammy McCafferty
Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes
Birthday: 1970s
Age: 30s
Occupation: Grocery cashier
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Family and relatives: Ted (husband)
Friends: John Bennett, Ted, Lori Collins, Sam J. Jones
Enemies: Donny, Robert, Rex, Lori Collins (formerly)
Likes: Dates with Ted, Lori
Dislikes: Ted cheating on her, Lori (formerly), Lori insulting her
Quotes: "What do you mean, girlfriends? Is there, like, a lot of 'em or somethin'?"

Tami-Lynn McCafferty (born in the 1970s) is a character in the Ted franchise. She is Ted's wife and Lori's best friend and former arch-rival.

At the end of the film, Ted and Tami-Lynn are seen attending John and Lori's wedding and a now-reformed Tami has become friends with Lori. As well, the narrator revealed that Ted continued his affair with Tami-Lynn and gets promoted to store manager after getting caught eating potato salad off of her butt.



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In TedEdit

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In Ted 2Edit

Tami-Lynn returned in the sequel.


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  • Tami-Lynn's surname McCafferty was first revealed in Ted 2.
  • She calls Ted "Teddy" and is seen to be the only person who does it.


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